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Charleston’s Trusted Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Herrick Property Services is a professional commercial cleaning company serving the Charleston, SC area who is dedicated to pampering your office, apartment, and commercial properties with nothing but the best cleaning experience. Our professional cleaning services team is trained on taking on the tough jobs and leaving your spaces as clean as a whistle.  We offer cleaning services for spaces of all sizes from entire floors to executive suites. All of our staff are trained professional cleaning professionals and are focused on providing total customer satisfaction.

When We Say Sparkling Clean, We Mean It.

We offer commercial cleaning services to the following areas:

Rest Room Areas

  • Sanitize sinks, countertops, commodes, partitions, urinals, changing table, grab bars
  • Empty trash cans, replace liner
  • Refill dispensers – toilet paper, hand towels, and soap.
  • Hand dryers/dispensers will be sanitized and polished.
  • Dust grills, diffusers, and high ledges.
  • Clean mirrors, dry-shine bright work.
  • Ceramic tile floors machine scrubbed.

Wipe Tile Walls from Top to Bottom.

  • Spot clean doors and door frames as necessary.
  • Sweep, mop, and sanitize hard surface floors, paying more attention to corners and baseboards.

Kitchen Areas/ Cafeteria

  • Sanitize exposed areas of table, counter tops, and back splashes.
  • Wash/sanitize sink and dry-shine. Water cooler cleaned, disinfected and polished.
  • Empty trash cans, replace liner
  • Refill and sanitize towel dispensers.
  • Sanitize coffee pots/carafes
  • Wash pedestals and/or table and chair legs.
  • Clean microwaves inside/out
  • Sweep, mop, sanitize hard surface floor. Pay attention to baseboards/corners.
  • Clean the outside of refrigerator
  • Check and dust wall décor, blinds, and sills
  • Clean the inside of refrigerators
  • Dust grills, diffusers, and high ledges.

General Interior –Office Cubicles, Reception, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Boardrooms Etc.

  • Empty trash cans and replace liner if necessary.
  • Exposed areas of computers including screens dusted, detailed.
  • Dust exposed areas of desks, partitions, furniture, phones, office equipment, cabinets, countertops, and chairs.
  • Check and dust high and low corner areas within reach.
  • Sweep, mop, sanitize hard surface floors and remove obvious marks where practicable including stairwells
  • Vacuum carpets, including under desks and traffic mats
  • Clean all entrance glass doors
  • Check and clean light fixtures
  • Clean all exposed carpet edges and baseboards
  • Wipe down fingerprints on desks.
  • Dust vents, grills, diffusers and high ledges
  • Clean mini blinds
  • Exposed areas of interior glass will be cleaned

Why Hiring Our Professional Cleaning Service Actually Matters?

Hiring our professional cleaning services creates a positive first impression not only for your clients but for your employees as well.  Our expert team believes people base their opinions on what they see first, and that’s why we strive to make your office areas look amazing.

We all know that a clean environment is inviting as well. We dedicate time and effort to ensure your space becomes the envy of everyone- a place customers would want to visit regularly.

We have a proven track record of excellence in our services. Our regular clients in Charleston, SC and beyond always are guaranteed consistent satisfaction.

For all of your Commercial Cleaning Needs, please give Herrick Property Services a call at 843-481-2727 today!

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