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Charleston’s Premier House Cleaning Services

Trust Charleston’s Premier House Cleaning Services Company. Our experience and knowledge make us well equipped for projects from small, private residences to small hotels and residential apartment / condo complexes for which we take tremendous pride. While our specialty is private residence and multi-unit apartments, we also enjoy providing high quality professional services to homes within the various Low Country communities in the Charleston, SC area. Throughout our tenure, we have followed a process that that guarantees a quality experience while creating a small corner of paradise for our clients’ residence.

We have (2) types of categories of cleaning services to fit your current needs., a routine clean and a deep clean service.

Routine Cleaning Package

We provide routine cleaning in living, dining, family, and bedrooms. We also extend to offices with the following services:

  • Cobweb removal in ceiling fans, exposed vents and light fixtures
  • Dust doors and frames
  • Vacuum hard surface floors and carpets
  • Dust baseboards
  • Dusting of furniture and open shelving
  • Remove trash, clean and reline trash cans
  • Light straightening up
  • Clean the interior and exterior of glass and French doors
  • Dust sashes, window sills, light switches, blinds/shutters
  • General dusting of mirrors/ knickknacks and lampshades

We can’t forget your Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, we also provide the following:

  • Clean and shine sink/faucet fixtures
  • Wipe exteriors of kitchen appliances
  • Clean and sanitize counter tops
  • Clean refrigerators and ovens
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean microwaves
  • Clean and shine bathroom fixtures
  • Wipe smudges and drips
  • Scrub toilets inside and outside
  • Scrub and shine showers and tubs clean

Deep Cleaning Package

This package is ideal for homes which require a little extra attention. With this package, your home gets detailed cleaning services where all areas are thoroughly cleaned. This package offers the following services:
Everything included in our Routine Cleaning package:

  • Hand wash cabinets and drawers
  • Hand wash ceiling fans, light fixtures, vents
  • Hand wash sashes, blind shutters, window sills
  • Hand wash doors, frames, light switches and baseboards

Our clients enjoy the following additional services as well:

  • Wash and shine extra-high areas – ledges, ceiling fans, light fixtures etc.)
  • Interior washing of refrigerator/freezer
  • Interior washing of oven/broiler
  • Change linens and remake beds
  • Wash interior windows

Why Choose Our Services?

At the end of the day you want a professional cleaning services company you can trust in your home or office. You want to ensure that the job is throughout and that the service doesn’t break the bank. What you’ll find with Herrick Property Services is a team of cleaning professionals you can trust to completely clean your home and provide nothing short of a 5 star experience. You’ll love how your home looks knowing that we took care of all of the heavy lifting, saving you time so you can focus on the things you love.

Additionally, when our expert team visits your home, you’ll be sure of high-quality work. They know which areas require emphasis, and how to make your entire home spotless. Our cleaning services have literally transformed the space of many homes. The added benefit of a clean home is that through our cleaning process we’re also helping create a healthier home as well.

Our experienced professional cleaning experts take tremendous pride in making your experience the best it can be by providing you a cleaner, healthier living space at an affordable price. This is why you should contact Charleston’s preferred cleaning services company.  Call Herrick Property Services at 843-481-2727 for a FREE Quote for premium cleaning services for your home or office.

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