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About Us

Herrick Property Services is a family owned, local business with more than 10 plus years of experience in the painting & cleaning industry. We take pride in the hard work we put towards meeting our clients’ expectations and building relationships with our clients. We take time to educate and be selective about the people who join our team. We want to provide nothing but the best for your office, apartments, condos or home. We have quarterly meetings to educate our staff on new products and go over painting and cleaning techniques. What sets us apart from other, larger companies is that we are an on-site company. We follow through after your through! Expect a follow-up call or email from our offices once your service has been completed. We love feedback!

We strongly believe that the small details matter! We take our time to inspect that your residence or business is looking its best at the end of the day. Your time is very valuable to us, so we try to do it right the first time, and the quality work speaks for itself.

Herrick About Us Cleaning

We Take Care of Everything. You Relax.

Painting and Cleaning are time consuming, messy, and can involve a bruised knee or two.
Leave it up to the Experts so you can sit back and relax.